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Structural Insulated Panels

With the demand for greater energy efficiency in construction comes great innovation, D.J. Stewart Construction recommends construction using Structural Insulated Panels in Phoenix, Arizona.


sips-wall-panels What are Structural Insulated Panels?

Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs are composed of two sheets of oriented strand board structurally laminated and pressure-cured to a rigid core of foam insulation. These panels can be used for structural walls and roofing and provide a great alternative to standard wall construction. Advantages include:


  • Up to 60% savings on energy bills
  • Using OSB is a great way to conserve because it uses much more of the tree than traditional lumber pruduction
  • Up to two thirds less job site waste during construction
  • Exceptional indoor air quality and temperature
  • Tax credits and valuable points toward environmental certification.
  • Straighter walls
  • When decorating interior, heavy wall hanging objects can be hung anywhere on the wall. You don’t have to search for a stud!
  • Many more


 Does SIPs Construction Cost Less?

Yes! Here are some of the ways that you can save in cost and in time by using Insulated Panels:

  • Pre-insulated! No need to purchase additional insulation
  • Pre-fabricated & precut when delivered to the jobsite: save 20-30% on framing labor
  • Electrical is installed 20-30% faster
  • Jobsite waste reduced from pre-cut panels — saves approximately 30% on waste costs
  • Tighter house means smaller HVAC systems — up to 40% savings
  • Predictable STRAIGHT engineered product is plumb & square every time = faster install for finish work. Doors/windows/millwork: no bowed lumber = straight walls for faster doors/window/millwork install. Floors: level floors and walls = no need to shim!
  • House is dried in faster, subs can start sooner — fewer wasted “crew” days
  • Little to zero duct work required
  • No roof venting required in low slope roofing
  • Better indoor air quality, smaller or no air purification systems required in many climates
  • Buildings & Houses are FINISHED faster! Less interest paid!!
  • Qualify for $2000 federal tax incentive to the builder and an additional $1500 to the homeowner
  • Warranty!! Does your lumber manufacturer offer any warranty? No. SIPs do.

Much of the content on this page is borrowed with permission from our supplier, Premier SIPs.

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